[PAIPH] II Eastern Business Forum

19 Czerwiec 2016





Zapraszamy na II Wschodnie Forum Biznesu, które odbędzie się w dniach 22-24.06.2016 r. w Lubelskim Centrum Konferencyjnym w Lublinie



Udział w Forum wezmą przedstawiciele ministerstw z resortów gospodarczych, członkowie izb przemysłowo-handlowych, konsulowie, ambasadorowie, ekonomiści ds. rynków wschodnich oraz przedsiębiorcy z: Polski, Ukrainy, Białorusi, Uzbekistanu, Mołdawii, Chin, Indii, Włoch, Francji, Szwajcarii, ZEA, Arabii Saudyjskiej oraz państw afrykańskich. 



Szacujemy, iż w konferencji weźmie udział ok. 500 osób.



Zapraszamy do rejestracji na stronie www.wschodnieforumbiznesu.eu Zgłoszenia są również przyjmowane za pośrednictwem e-mail. Nadmieniamy, iż udział w spotkaniu jest bezpłatny.





II Eastern Business Forum which will be held on June 22-24, 2016 in Lublin Conference Center, Grottgera Str. 2, Poland.


The host, initiator, author and creator of the event is Lublin Foundation of Business Support and International Cooperation. 


Gathered more than a half thousand participants including the authorities, representatives of embassies, local government officials and entrepreneurs of the Poland and other countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, India, Russia, Moldova, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, the I Eastern Business Forum has a great success in June 2015.


The event is cyclical in its nature and designed to determine the position and role of the Lublin region as an attractive place to assemble. In other words, the Forum became a response to the needs of companies and business institutions to create events which will lead to the long-term business cooperation between Polish and foreign organizations. Due to its location Lublin has the tremendous opportunities for make it real.


Likewise the previous edition, II Eastern Business Forum will host the representatives of ministries, members of chambers of commerce, ambassadors, consuls, experts of eastern markets and entrepreneurs. We estimate that the event will be attended by approx. 500 people.


Forum will be held under the auspices of the Marshal of Lublin Voivodeship Slawomir Sosnowski, the President of Lublin Krzysztof Zuk and Senator Professor Andrzej Stanislawek – the Chairman of the National Economy and Innovation Committee.


Moreover, we applied for the patronage to:


- President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland - Beata Szydlo

- Minister of Energy of the Republic of Poland - Krzysztof Tchorzewski

- Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland - Pawel Szalamacha

- Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland - Witold Waszczykowski

- Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland - Krzysztof Jurgiel

- Minister of the Treasury of the Republic of Poland - Dawid Jackiewicz

- Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland - Witold Banka

- Minister of Maritime and Inland Navigation of the Republic of Poland - Mark Grobarczyk

- Minister of Development of the Republic of Poland - Mateusz Morawiecki

- Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Poland - Elzbieta Rafalska

- Member of the European Parliament - Jerzy Buzek

- Member of the European Parliament - Krzysztof Hetman

- Member of the European Parliament - Miroslaw Piotrowski

- Members of the Association of Renewable Energy and the National Chamber of Commerce.


II Eastern Business Forum will attend members of Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Moldavian Chamber of Commerce, Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Polish-African Chamber of Commerce, Polish Saudi Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Chinese Friendship Association, Polish-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce, Polish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Cluster For Africa and many others.


The event brings together politicians, macroeconomists and investment experts, delegates of customs services and border, agencies of the regional development, and practitioners of the Eastern markets who will debate on the current conditions of running business in the international environment.


The target audience of the Forum will mainly consist of the entrepreneurs. As the result, the key element of the program will be the individual trade meetings in the form of conversations "business2business" and "business2administration". The complement to the practical part of the conference will become the "case study" - work experience presentations and study visits on June, 23-24.


In addition, special panel discussions will include the presentations of the Lublin potential of renewable sources of energy, mechatronics and bio economy and the issues concerning the development of economic cooperation between regions.


Networking between Eastern countries and the Lublin Region becomes increasingly intense over the time. Therefore, the crucial role of the local institutions is to create suitable environment for encouraging business partners to meet and cooperate.


We are convinced that II Eastern Business Forum will create wide abilities for the development of the business in Lublin region, Poland, Europe and in the world, and will be a unique opportunity for establishing many new international contacts.


Forum has a very high potential to become a huge international business event. In order to confirm the success of the event we attached the material of its previous edition.


We would like to express the hope that you will honor us with the presence and participation in the debate.


We kindly ask you to register on website WWW.WSCHODNIEFORUMBIZNESU.EU