[WBJ.PL] African markets are enticing to Polish companies

25 Wrzesień 2015


Poland is starting to see Africa’s potential and has started heavily investing there. We’re selling tractors, building factories and extracting natural resources. In our cover story you can read all about their trials and tribulations regarding investing there, but more importantly about the great potential of Africa.

We also look at the growing health care market in Poland, where both public and private sectors are implementing new technologies andsolutions to improve both patients and doctors experiences.

We also cover the ongoing Greek crisis and ask if Poland could be in the same situation anytime soon.

In the special 30-page long Lokale Immobilia section you can read about financing with bonds, retail schemes in Warsaw and logistic market and many other stories and interviews as well.

All that and more available in the current issue – regular columns, write-ups, rankings and other features.


ŹRÓDŁO:  WBJ.PL |  25-09-2015