In the „Offer” section you fill find services provided by us within the framework of cooperation which, as our experience has shown us, takes place on several levels, as doing business in African countries often requires undertaking specific steps depending most of all on the type of the product and on the region.


The simplest form of cooperation consists in signing a cooperation agreement. Clear framework allows both parties to start their activity immediately, while being fully aware of their rights and obligations.


We also offer membership, thanks to which you will be kept informed about the activities of the Chamber, receive business offers from interested compenies and have the possibility to start your activity depending on the branch of business either through members of the Chamber or coordinators in particular African countries. If you would like to become a member we invite you to contact us through our contact form.


Each offer is treated by us as a potential business. Every proposal on your part is carefully analysed in detail in terms of our capabilities.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.